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June 2024

Did You Forget to Order My New Book?!

     I spoke with 3 people recently who told me that they intended to order REVELATION: End Times Guidance but, for one reason or another, just hadn’t gotten around to it.  I CONSIDER THIS THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK OF THE FOUR I HAVE WRITTEN!

       If the final events of the book of Revelation begin suddenly to happen around you, you will be glad you have my book in your library! If Jesus comes soon, you might not need it, but if He doesn’t, this book will help prepare you for biblical events shortly to be fulfilled. It will show you how to read Revelation as a devotional book and use its promises for daily living today!

     So, if you haven’t ordered it yet, while you are reading this and thinking about it, PLEASE DO SO NOW. You can order it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any bookstore for just $12.95. Call or text me (numbers above) if you need help ordering. Or, I’ll be happy to send you a signed copy for $20.00, which includes postage, handling, and any sales taxes.
I’ll send you an enclosed bill to pay later! 
After you have read enough to give an honest review, please post one on Amazon. (If you don’t know how to do that, text or email me, and I’ll show you how review it. It’s really easy!) 5-star Ratings, and motivating reviews, help us sell more to those who are not familiar with my ministry, as it puts the book higher up in the line of zillions of books to order.  Any small profits go to Warford Ministries (not Dea!).


     June Schedule as of this writing


June 1, 2: Tulsa, OK (vicinity).

     (As of this writing, we have yet to receive the final confirmation from the pastor who long-ago scheduled this meeting. If I end up not going, God has a better plan!)


June 8, 9: Worland, WY Assembly of God Church (Pastor Larry Ramsfield)




     Please continue praying over the above dates and for the Lord to open more doors of ministry. I have scheduled a little in July and August, but I am still ready to travel more!


Dea & Kathy’s 53rd Wedding Anniversary


     Kathy and I celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary in June. This newsletter features an update on the family, hopefully inspiring you to pray more for us all!


     Kathy has a wonderful ministry in the children’s department of the Florence Avenue Foursquare Church (in the suburbs of LA). She does a very diverse work there. She not only teaches young children but also trains others to do the same. Staff members come to her for advice, counsel, and prayers. She ministers deliverance over people. One young man was so moved by the deliverance he received from her, that after the fruit of her ongoing continued counsel with him, he decided to go to college to become a counselor to help others as she helped him! God has given Kathy much wisdom in child-rearing, and the fruit in our own children’s lives bears witness to that…


      Carissa, our daughter, is now not only a professor but also the Dean of Students of the School of Arts and Sciences at LIFE Pacific University (LPU). She is working on her PhD through an online degree program with Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia (Jerry Falwell founded it). It is among the world’s largest Christian Universities.
She expects to graduate in May 2026. As Dean, she counsels and prays with students and other staff members. She directs and produces plays acted by students, which are open to the public. Students from high school often attend,
which introduces them to a wonderful, fully accredited Christian University (founded by Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, with a great Pentecostal heritage).

     Below is a full-page picture from the LPU Magazine honoring Carissa’s work demonstrated graphically in a recent production of the play Hunchback of Notre Dame. Carissa wrote in the magazine the following testimony:



     “Theater has always been my sanctuary, my sacred space where stories come alive and souls are touched. It all began when I played the woman in the Bible who was touched and healed by Jesus. This moment ignited a fire within me. From then on, I knew my purpose was to bring the transformative power of Jesus to life on stage, to touch hearts, and to inspire others to experience His love through the magic of theater.”


Andy Hawksworth, Carissa’s husband, and our son-in-law, met his future bride while attending LIFE. They married in 2010. He received his master’s degree (MFA) from Pat Robert’s Regents University. His MFA is in screenwriting. Andy is the chair of the media and communications program at LPU. He also works to connect Christian leaders in Hollywood to current students to inspire them to do mission work in the field of communications.


NATHAN, our son, also received his bachelor’s degree from LIFE and then his Master’s Degree (Summa Cul Laude) in Intercultural Studies from Biola University in 2016). That degree is basically a euphemism for Missions studies (to make it easier to get into countries like China!). He also graduated from the YWAM discipleship training school in Kona, Hawaii. He spent 5 months assisting a Foursquare Missionary in Thailand. He also made short-term forays into China, South Korea, India, and Japan. Nathan joined a YWAM base in Long Beach, CA, and they have been working toward getting long-term Visas to evangelize and plant churches in Japan. The team was having such difficulties getting “sponsored” for Visas, that the leader, Johnny, and Nathan flew to Japan (where they are, as I write) to work on that problem and to “spy out the land.” Here is the recent report sent by Nathan…


     “Since arriving for our vision trip in Tokyo, God has opened some wonderful ministry opportunities. I have met with the city’s pastors, missionaries, and YWAM leaders and learned more about what God has been doing. I also have been able to join for outreach within the city.

     Evangelism in Japan is very organic, relational, and creative. Wherever we are, we are always asking the Holy Spirit for opportunities to connect. With only 1% Christian, there are needs everywhere! You’ll find many cities with no church or a small church of 10 people, which is the norm.  House church in the home is one fruitful way we minister to people. We visited a missionary couple who invite local families, university students, and children into their home for a meal, games, and a Bible time. Through This ministry, there have been salvations! Japanese kids reaching 2nd or 3rd grade are no longer treated as children, given affection, or allowed to have fun time. They must fully focus on study and after-school tutoring. Their schedules are rigorous and many parents are mostly absent with 100 hour+ work weeks, thus the importance of reaching out to children.

    There are also traditional churches, usually 10-15 people who meet in a small room as a sanctuary. At a Sunday service, we reconnected with old church friends and disciples. I was discipling a man named Show, an English teacher who teaches foreigners who come to Japan. Many of his students are on the run from family problems or pain at home and seek out women, drinking, or joining Buddhism as an escape. I prayed over Show for wisdom on how to share Jesus with his students while also being careful not to be negatively influenced by them.   


        (Nathan and Show are pictured below)



     We ate at a restaurant where one of our Japanese friends knew a lot of people who often eat there. A woman he had recently met came to speak to us in English. She learned about our desire to start a church in Japan and asked, “What are your intentions in starting a church?” We began boldly sharing the gospel with her. She was moved and told us she had been to church while studying in England but couldn’t imagine church in Japan. We told her Jesus is found anywhere, even in that restaurant.

     We prayed over her and received several words for her. I saw an image of her standing on a stepping stool stretching out her arms, trying to reach something higher. I felt God say that it was her trying to reach harder to God but that He was indeed very close to her and ready to meet her.


     She was so moved by this time that you could see awe on her face and she said she felt “deep peace.” While she wasn’t ready to accept, she was very open and wanted to learn more and even visit church. God used this incredible moment to draw her nearer to Him.


 (Above, Nathan shares his testimony at the Sunday Service)



     In our coming July Newsletter, Nathan should be able to give you more concrete plans after they know when their visas are ready. Meanwhile, he may teach again at a school in China for a few weeks.
Or he may join YWAM in Paris, France, for the summer Olympics to preach to the many visitors from around the world. However, His primary goal is still to plant churches in Japan with YWAM partners as a missionary/Evangelist.


    So, after 53 years, our family is active in ministry.


My daughter and son-in-law are gainfully employed at LPU. However, they still need your prayers as the new generation of college youth, so influenced by Satan’s powerful tool of the media, needs so much truth-guidance.


     Nathan needs your prayers and financial support. He gave up a wonderful job as a university professor teaching foreign
students but now relies on Warford Ministries’ supporters.


     Thank you for helping our family celebrate Kathy’s and my 53rd anniversary this month (not with a personal card or personal gift) but by praying for us, sending a financial gift to Warford Ministries, and buying and reading my new book:      


         REVELATION; End Times Guidance!


         The Mark and Prophecy

                                 By Dea Warford


The Mark: In REVELATION; End Times Guidance, I shared quite a bit about the mark of the Beast and of a mark that is put on the foreheads of the 144,000. I hadn’t read Genesis in a while, and as I am again in it during my devotional readings, I was pleasantly reminded that the first “mark” put on any man was the one put on Cain. After he had killed his brother Abel, he feared for his life. God gave him a promise: And the Lord set a mark (Hebrew: “sign”) upon Cain, lest anyone finding him should kill him” (Gen. 4:15). Think of it! The Lord supernaturally protected a man, in spite of his sin! By the “law of the first reference,” we see that God will “mark” certain people to protect them. It was true in the beginning of time and it will be true in the end of time. Ezekiel 9:4-6 also describes a “mark” on God’s people to protect them: He “…put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it…Utterly slay old and young…but do not come near anyone on whom is the mark.”
This was during a time that God was judging His people for their sin. Yet there was still a special “remnant” who were divinely preserved. Notice He didn’t rapture them to out of harms way. He put a mark upon them. Then God added in vs. 6: “Begin at my sanctuary.” God, who changes not, in the New Testament said: “judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin with us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel” (1 Peter 4:17). If there is a pretribulation rapture, the Lord will first severely deal with the disobedient ways of His people. My latest book shows how God will deal with the church in America. Read my book. Be prepared!


  Prophecy: I used to teach that Enoch was the first person in the Bible who prophesied (Jude 14). However, the very first “recorded” prophecy was made by Lamech, the father of Noah, in Genesis 5:29: Noah “shall comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which our Lord has cursed.” We can only assume what that “comfort” involved. Perhaps as a “preacher of righteousness” (2 Peter 2:5), Noah continually encouraged the agrarian society (working hard to overcome the curse of weeds) that God wanted to bless them and to find their comfort in Him, not bumper crops. Then, at the time of the judgment of the flood, Noah prepared an ark for his house. Terrible judgment came to earth, but Noah and his family had been “marked” for safety. Jesus said concerning the end times, “As the days of Noah were” (Matt. 24:37). In Noah’s days, “God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually…I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth” (Gen. 6:5, 6). God then brought a flood of judgment, but Noah and his family were preserved: “Noah found grace” (6:8). If you are walking in obedience, you can expect special grace too! Revelation reveals how bad things will eventually be on our planet, just as they were in Noah’s days. Aren’t those days here now? Thus a final time of judgment, in many ways similar to the flood, will come upon our planet. Meanwhile, we must, like Noah, preach righteousness and help people get saved and overcome the “curses” in their lives to be prepared for His coming. Whether safely raptured to heaven, or riding on an ark of protection and provision, we must finish our work! Lamech surely raised Noah by teaching him righteousness and thus was one of the most important men of God before the flood. Take note: Lamech also lived to be 777 years! (Gen. 5:31). Talk about a perfect number! Lamech finished the work God had called him to do before the earth’s first “end” came. My number is 555, and I believe I, too, will finish the work that God has called me to do! By studying my new book, you will learn more about this principle and be better prepared to fulfill your last-day purpose. Order it now to better equip yourself for your end times ministry!

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