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May 2024

As you read last month, it looked like my book might never be ready for people to buy. For those who didn’t read all of the April SERMON OF THE MONTH, let me recap a few things.

     I had been working with a company that promised to get my book published through KDP (Amazon’s publishing arm) and could do it for only $600.00 and ready to buy within 2 weeks. We worked together a lot on the book. Sean, my contact person, kept pressing me to pay him to set up an “Author’s Website.” I have a good website already and didn’t need that.  I explained to him again and again how I wanted the interior of my book to look, but they insisted on doing it their way. However, they finally completed a great cover for me (see on the right).    

     Sean promised I would make thousands with his help if I were willing to invest up to $7500.00. I wasn’t going to do that! Then, when he asked if he could borrow $1000.00 from me, I realized I was dealing with a very unprofessional man and a company I couldn’t trust. Then I got a phone call from someone at the official KDP headquarters, wanting to hear more about the problem I was having. They informed me that they had FILED A LAWSUIT AGAINST SEAN’S COMPANY! They offered to refund us $180 of the $600 already paid and would even let us use the cover (pictured right) Sean had completed. I called Shannon Herring who had helped me publish my last two books. Though she had previously been unavailable for maybe 6 weeks (which is why I ended up hiring Sean!), she said someone who was supposed to hire her hadn’t gotten back to her, and she was available that day to do the book for us. The cover would have cost $800.00 through her company, but since KDP let us use Sean’s cover, we actually got the cover on the book done for $600-$180=$420. Instead of Sean stealing from us, he saved us $380!

Warford Ministries paid Shannon fair-market value for her hard work (She is a Christian!) and within less than two weeks, it was officially posted for purchase at You can buy it online for only $12.95.

     If you buy one from Amazon, give it a five-star rating, and write a good review, you will help us sell more books. High reviews and more purchases make a book appear sooner in a web search, with a greater chance of being sold: for the sake of souls, not money!



I feel this is the most important of the four books I have written. If the end is close (and many believe it is!), this book will help people find much-needed guidance on what to do physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Go to Amazon NOW and order it! Or, I can mail you one (See the cutout on the back page).



I am convinced that Satan hates REVELATION: End Times GuidanceIt was a real battle to write it and a great battle to finally get it published on Amazon (which every Christian writer I know now uses as the primary platform from which to sell their books!). But we are in another battle now to get the book available also through Ingramspark. This is a company that also pubishes and prints books but they do something that Amazon can’t: THEY PRINT BOOKS FOR PEOPLE TO BUY AT BARNES & NOBLE or to order from any local bookstore in their town! Ingramspark is sending us emails saying there are problems with the book but then lists 9 possible problems, yet won’t tell us specifically what they want us to change. We have appealed their decision and won’t hear back from them again for maybe two weeks! I’ll let you know if and when you can buy it at places other than online from Amazon. Meanwhile, I can send you a book from our office if you prefer. For those who consider themselves intercessors for this ministry, please pray for supernatural favor and bind the devil who has been hindering this book since its inception!


Nathan’s report…


Nathan continues his work with YWAM but needs your prayers this month. The team has run into a snag getting their VISAs to go to Japan to plant churches. Intercessors, pray that whatever is behind this difficulty will be divinely resolved once and for all. He is ready to go at God’s timing but needs this barricade removed! Meanwhile, thank you for your ongoing financial gifts for this worthy Missionary/Evangelist!




“I am at a client’s house, and we’re reading. I’m reading a book called MIRACLES are your DESTINY by a good friend of mine, Dea Warford. My client is reading a book labeled HOPELESSIt sparks a conversation, and he says, “What is hope?” Without hesitation, I say, “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Ya got to have hope.” He looked at his book, then at my book, and said, “Can I read your book?” I said, “Sure, I’ll read it to you.”    

                      (From Jana Muniz, Ft. Collins, Colorado)

Dea’s Other Books…

Jana’s testimony shows the value of a book. God chose a book, the Bible (Book of Books) to communicate truth to mankind. Then, He chose “the foolishness of preaching to save them” (1 Cor. 1:21). My books preach for me (and for you!). For those who are newer to this mailing list or haven’t read all my books yet, I want to give you a brief introduction to them.

My first book is my autobiography. It has about 50 pictures from my life. It tells of my supernatural rescue from drowning, of my deliverance from a cult, of my all to ministry, of my romance with Kathy, and of my call to be a soulwinner. It also teaches you how to effectively witness and even gives you specific methods to use if you aren’t gifted, like extroverts who love to talk. It is $9.99 on Amazon or $6.99 for Kindle. Or I’ll be happy to mail you one for $9.99 plus tax, postage & handling costs.

My second book tells of my many experiences in healing the sick, casting out demons, and prophesying. It includes many testimonies of people who experienced the anointing Upon this ministry through the years. I also share stories of evangelists I have met who made mistakes that cost them their ministry, so that we can learn from their mistakes, as well as some who remained faithful till death. It is $14.99 on Amazon for the paperback. We can mail it to you for the same, plus postage, any sales tax, and handling costs (Different for each state). This book is written to prepare you for the coming anointing to reap the last-day harvest!

My 3rd book is probably like no other book you can find anywhere. It is a book concerning many events discussed in Revelation (But it is very different from my new book REVELATION: End Times Guidance. That is because it is written specifically for sinners unbelievers,unchurched, or atheists. As an evangelist who has been witnessing sinners for more than half a decade, I wrote every chapter with them in mind. It is only 114 pages and has 12 full-page high-quality pictures. It uses the book of Revelation as its theme and shows how current events prove that a book written 2000 years ago is current right now! It discusses things like UFOs, demons, Hell, nuclear war, the Beast, and the rapture. Then, in the last chapter it points all to the only way to be ready to meet their maker and judge. It is a high-quality book, and I keep some in my car, my traveling briefcase, and my gym bag and hand them out for free. As an evangelist who has been handing out tracts and witnessing since he was 17, I can tell you that this is likely the best tool for evangelism, in book form, that you could possibly use. That is why I will make them available to you in bulk at near our cost. For $40.00 we will ship you a box of 12! You can also buy one for $5.55 on Amazon. Following is the introduction and an edited chapter from the book with its picture. See how readable it is for unbelievers.

Cover - About the Future FINAL         


“Fallen! Baylon the Great has fallen! She has become a home for demons. She is a prison for every evil spirit” (Rev. 18:2). Demons and Satan will be very active during the fulfillment of Revelation.

Satan was at one time a Cherub angel named Lucifer, who was positioned above the throne of God. He was the grandest of all God’s creation: “full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.” However, he became filled with pride: “You became too proud because of your beauty” (Ezek. 28:12, 17 GW). For this, Lucifer was cast out of heaven. His beauty and influence was so geat in heaven that he convinced one-third of the angels to leave heaven with him and join him on earth.  Earth became his haunt and his name was changed fto Satan, which means “adversary.” (Are you living in the awareness of your adversary?). In the Garden of Eden, he possessed the body of a serpent (which at that time could talk like a parrot) and       Lucifer after his fall to Earth     deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. He assured Eve, “You won’t die,” although God had warned her that she would die. Adam also ate the fruit. As a result, the curse of death came upon mankind. So, Satan and “his angels” have been behind evil worldly events for millennia. If you are battling any kind of evil today, this is how Ephesians 6:12 expressed it“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits.” Notice it does not mention Satan. There is only one Satan (also known as the Devil). He can only be in one place at a time. Therefore, he has organized a functioning army of his evil subordinates. You may never personally have to contend with Satan himself. But watching the world today, he certainly has a well-trained army! You’ve likely thought your present problem is a family member, a boss, a neighbor, or some politician. The Bible explains the REAL fight you are in is with invisible evil spirits, who both use or possess humans. Satan’s angels hate you. Why? Because you have a Savior, Jesus…that is, if you want Him. They are jealous of your future. The only future they have is Hell, described in Matt. 25:41 as: “everlasting fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels.”

Revelation 5:11 describes a scene where there are at least 100,000,000 angels in heaven. Since 1/3 of them fell with Satan, we know there are at least 50,000,000 fallen angels or “demons,” so our enemy has quite an army! The most important thing to understand about invisible demons is that they lie! Satan invented lying: “The devil…has always hated the truth, because there is  no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44 NLT). Satan told Eve, ‘You won’t die!” What is the devil telling you? He uses what appear to be your own thoughts. Whatever he may be saying to you, know he is lying. Believing the devil’s lie cost Eve her life. Do you believe in a lie that could cost you your life or even your soul? John 10:10 says: “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.” Satan has a horrible plan for your life. Don’t let him kill you (with booze, drugs, or suicide). Don’t let him steal your happiness not let him destroy your God-ordained destiny! After first giving the John 10:10 warning, Jesus then offers a beautiful alternative to the devil’s plan: “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” Does that describe your life? If not, read on…


Evidence that I was led of the Spirit in writing this book is shown in the first chapter called  “Flying Saucers.” 

The picture above is at the front of the chapter. Around the time of the book’s publication, there was a renewed national interest in UFOs. There were many reported sightings, and Congress even investigated them. Movies about invasions of aliens were shown in theaters and streaming on television. Thus this was shown to be a great way to “grab” the interest of non-Christians opening the book to see what it was about. By the time they get to the last chapter, the gospel is clearly explained to them. One thing different about this book: I  bring a balance to all the talk about Grace, forgiveness and show that just inviting Jesus into their heart but never doing any more about it or hoping “a loving God wouldn’t send anyone to an eternity in Hell” is clearly disproven by the Scriptures. I show the necessity of repentance, water baptism, overcoming sin, and becoming a vital part of the church! I give a strong call to backsliders too! It is a good book for new converts and, with 12 chapters, makes a good Sunday School or Adult quarterly study. Please trust me! ABOUT THE FUTURE needs to be in every unsaved person’s library. If they don’t read it when you first give it to them, Soon end-time world events seen on TV will stir them to take a closer look at it. Your few dollars Investment could preach the gospel to them in their house when they may be afraid to go outside! This book is for sinners (though you’ll enjoy it too! The other books are for Christians. Order them today, and have them in your library!

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