Warford Ministries

Evangelist Dea Warford

Inspiring and Empowering the World
Through the Word of God And
The POWER of the Holy Spirit

July 2024 July Schedule as of this writing July 7: Coolidge, AZ 431 E. 4th St. Sunday 10:30 AM, 6 PM First

June 2024 Did You Forget to Order My New Book?!      I spoke with 3 people recently who told me that they

May 2024 As you read last month, it looked like my book might never be ready for people to buy. For those

April 2024 Dea’s book…   (You will want to read this month’s “Sermon of the Month” to learn what is happening to

MARCH 2024 Dea’s Schedule…      Kathy and I felt led to NOT call pastors but to wait on Him and trust Him

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