Discover Dea Warford’s literary works, “Evangelist” and “Miracles,” available now on and Barnes & Noble. Can’t find it at your local bookstore? Contact Dea directly to receive a signed copy.

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“As the book of Revelation reveals, guidance will be desperately needed in the end times. But you probably need guidance right now. This book shows how Revelation teaches you to make wise decisions, and without fear, in the present. It also shows you how to prepare for your future.
This unique book is written, not as much as a theological study, or a commentary on Revelation, as it is a guidebook for all who long to, as Jesus said eight times in Revelation…
“Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church (AND TO YOU!).

Of the 10s of thousands of books written about Revelation, this book stands alone. Why? Because it is explicitly written for unbelievers. It is easy to read and only 114 pages, with full-page digitally designed pictures. The first chapter grips the attention of those who usually show no interest in a “religious” book. “Flying Saucers” is the title of the first chapter. Chapters about Demons, nuclear war, the Antichrist, and other topics frequently referenced in the media will bring the Book of Revelation up to date for today’s youth who usually DO NOT READ books! It’s much better than a little tract! Put a quality book in their hand as a soul-winning tool. The last chapter clearly explains how to get saved and plugged into a local church. Our office will send these in bulk at about our cost to pastors, churches, and personal evangelists! The last days are indeed upon us. When Revelation prophecies are seen on the daily news, the Holy Spirit will remind them that this book is in their library (because you gave them one!), and they will be ripe and ready to read every page and get ready for Christ’s coming!


…is not only Dea’s autobiography but is a guide to help laymen become effective soul-winners. 

It showcases many stories of people he won to Christ, and adds helpful teaching and illustrations to inspire to action!


...explains how God called Dea into a miracle ministry and trains laymen in how they to can do such things as, heal the sick, cast out demons and prophesy. It includes many testimonies from people who received a miracle through Dea’s ministry.

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