Dea’s January Newsletter

January 2024


I am scheduling meetings again for 2024. I already have scheduled meetings in five different states. Pastors are praying or talking to their board. Thank you for your prayers! 



 “I finished your book EVANGELIST and I Loved it! I finally went to Thriftbooks and bought my own copy to read since my husband reads much slower than I do, and I didn’t want to rob him of continuing in the book. He would tell me things he was reading and how he enjoys your stories. I make LOTS of copies of your tract and give them out, place them in places where they can be found, etc.”  (Debi Davis Safford, AZ) 



We are all feeling it: food, gas, housing! But many prophets are saying the Lord is going to provide us with supernatural provision. It’s biblical too (especially for givers!). I read where the cost of travel has gone up 50% since just 2019! That means that support people have given since then to Warford Ministries only goes half as far to keep we evangelists going for the Lord. Please prayerfully consider increasing your monthly gifts to us for 2024 or give a generous one-time gift God will bless you for it! 

                   YOU WON’T BE BORED IN 2024! 

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