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Quotes from Pastors
The following are quotes from Pastors where I have held meetings in their church:
"We had 16 people testify of healing and another 20 that received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues."

"Healings and miracles followed each service"

"Our altars were full each service"

"Dea is a man of high integrity, very supportive of the pastoral leadership."

"We are still having testimonies of healings."

“As a result of this ministry, I baptized 26 young people in 13 weeks”

“As the last service drew to a close, spontaneous worship broke out and continued nearly 1 ½ hours after Dea left. The people were filled with joy and celebration as they rejoiced in the many victories the Lord brought their way.”

“Dea’s teaching on prayer was fantastic”

“There were 24 decisions for Christ, 17 baptisms in the Holy Spirit and at least 12 reported healings”

“I am not the same pastor as before”

“We had 26 decisions for Christ”

“We continued to have revival long after Dea left”

“Our people will not be the same . . . His meetings have been a defining moment for the life of the church”

“Something happened of supernatural and eternal consequence.  Over the next couple weeks we saw 32 individuals accept Christ”

“A week before Dea’s arrival I was despondent to the point of writing out my resignation letter to our church . . . ministry and vision for our church were re-established.”

“In the past 15 years, I have not had one single evangelist come . . . Dea has changed my mind about the gift of the evangelist.  It is a needed and desirable gift and the church that I pastor has been spiritually short-changed because of my fears.”

“The best teaching on the Holy Spirit I have heard in my 35 years of ministry . . . we had 12 baptized in the Holy Spirit”

“We made inroads into the lives of a new segment of our community.  Many new names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.”

The people who attended the first service were eager to invite their friends to the other services.  Some drove over 40 minutes to attend”

“We saw at least 15 healings, five Holy Spirit baptisms, countless deliverances and five salvations”

“I have spent more time laughing and rejoicing and being touched by the power of God than I can remember”

“Eight came to Christ, 15 received the baptism with the Holy Spirit”

“Many people who I thought might not respond well to his ministry were in fact often the first ones to the altar”

“I was pleasantly surprised by how many came for the weekend revival meeting . . . My son (10 at the time) after one of Dea’s services, said with tears in his eyes, “I don’t know where my life would be if I hadn’t come to hear Dea tonight”

“I had just about given up on the idea of ever having a revival . . . I have had a change of heart since our meeting with Dea.  The crowds have been good each night; they just keep coming back.  We have reached several new families.”

“I was amazed at the attendance and the response of the people”

“We saw eight people saved, 17 people healed and over 30 delivered from various personal issues in their lives”

“The results were ‘exceedingly, abundantly, above” my expectations”

“We had as many in attendance on Mon and Tues. nights as we did on Sunday AM”

“This revival was the best I have ever experienced”

“Your passion and zeal have left a fire in Boone”

“We saw 12 people saved and many, many more set free and healed”

“He is a non-threatening evangelist, one that we plan on having back repeatedly”

“I personally received a new awakening from God about how important the evangelist’s ministry is to the church”

“Forty people testified that morning of various types of healing”

“His continual quoting of Scripture for each point of his sermon was refreshing”

“Dea was easy to work with and took time to get to know our people”

“We are still having testimonies of healings”

“It was the best revival meetings we have had at our church in the 6 years that I have served as pastor.  New life and hope has been brought to our church . . . all who came were touched of God in some way”

“An air of expectancy for “what will God do next!” pervaded each session”

“2 weeks later, folks are still rejoicing and sharing their good news with others.  It was a tremendous spiritual boost for us”

“15 received the baptism, 6 were healed, 3 were reclaimed.  Our church is not the same.  The revival continues on.”

“Dea has the ability to capture people’s attention with his use of humor in a way that I have never seen.  We had numerous testimonies from parents whose elementary age children insisted that they not miss a single service”

“He stayed late until everyone was ministered to”

“People are still talking about their wonderful experience”

“The altars were filled with young people”

“The finest presentation of the basics of the gospel I have experienced over the years”

“The church is stronger because of our having him”
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