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EVANGELIST: MY LIFE STORY; MY LIFE JOURNEY... not only Dea's autobiography but is a guide to help laymen become effective soul-winners. 

It showcases many stories of people he won to Christ, and adds helpful teaching and illustrations to inspire to action!



...explains how God called Dea into a miracle ministry and trains laymen in how they to can do such things as, heal the sick, cast out demons and prophesy. It includes many testimonies from people who received a miracle through Dea's ministry.

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Dea has written two books for you!

Evangelist is available in paperback by clicking this link.
Evangelist is also available in Kindle by clicking this link.
Dea's second book is Miracles are your Destiny. Both books are available at Barnes and Noble.
Or you can order by calling or emailing Dea to have one mailed directly to you.
Phone: 918-576-4680

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